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Is it time to ReBrand?

I am trying to make blog writing a more important part of my business, so I am going to start putting them out more often!  Light sage, cool cream, and rust I recently decided to give my own brand a little facelift. After over a year on Instagram, I have really developed a more consistent look on my feed. With that, I felt that my original color pallet and instagram highlight covers no longer served my brand and represented me. So I created a new pallet.  I haven't done a blog about branding/design in a hot minute so let me just jump in and ask.....  Do you LOVE your branding? No matter how long you have had you branding, ask yourself this again: are you in love with it? If the answer to that question is NOT an immediate yes, then..... Here are some signs that a rebrand might be in your future: - You start comparing your brand to others          Do you have brand envy? If you catch yourself surfing Instagram or Pinterest and wishing your branding looked more like your mood boards,

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